Moon reversed as what he wants to say to me??

I’m using the RWS deck. I used no spread in particular. The question was “How does he feel about me?” I pulled knight of wands, Eight of pentacles RX, 4 of pentacles, nine of cups.

I ALSO asked what he wants to say to me, I pulled 6 of cups RX, 5 of swords, 2 of pentacles, and moon RX

My interpretation; Knight of Wands; He feels I’m fiery and passionate. Maybe he likes my passion? With the Eight of Pentacles Reversed, he sees me as someone dedicated to self-improvement, or he thinks that I’m too hard on myself and suffering from perfectionism. Four of Pentacles, he feels I’m selfish or maybe greedy? Nine of Cups; This card is about emotional fulfilment, happiness and contentment. I'm hearing pure gratitude.

*What does he want to say to me?^

Six of Cups Reversed; Maybe he’s emotionally asking me to not live in the past?? And let my inner child run free. Five of Swords; This card is about conflict and winning, but not a positive win. He thinks I’m too focused on winning all the time. Two of Pentacles; This card is about juggling multiple priorities. Given some of the of the other cards that have showed up such as Knight of Wands and Eight of Pentacles, I'm think that he feels I would benefit from slowing down sometimes. The Moon Reversed; This is an interesting card to come up right now. He seems to be telling me to tap into my intuition more.

Any other opinions?

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