Moved to tears

I am very new to tarot but I’ve made it a priority to educate myself and learn how to not only interpret the cards but also find a way to make a connection with my decks and seek out my higher self.

I’ve had a very emotional past three months and decided to move back home within the last couple days. I asked my deck a few questions regarding my situation and recent decisions and I can’t articulate the overwhelming feeling of connection I felt with my deck and with myself. Each card I pulled for the questions I had asked were either exactly what I needed to hear as well as being severely relevant. The entire reading it almost felt like my heart and emotions were trying to flow out of my body, if that makes any sense. Almost euphoric. I couldn’t keep it together after I pulled my fifth and last card and just allowed my emotions to take over and just….wept. I didn’t feel sad, but almost in a state of serenity. I feel this may be an overwhelming feeling of connection to my higher self and assurance of the path I’m currently on in my personal journey.

I really needed to just share my experience with others that would understand. Has anyone else experience this?

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