My cards almost made me cry

I'm currently doing very important exams to enter my dream school. Even if I love working for my dream, it gets overwhelming very easily because I have many traumas related to exams, so… it's clearly not an easy time for me.

I just did a reading. Two of the cards I pulled were the Nine of Swords and Ten of Swords both reversed. To me, they clearly show the end of suffering, the swords being pulled away from the characters.

Then, I looked at the shadow card (card at the bottom of the deck), and it was… the Five of Pentacles reversed. The end of a bad period, a period of misery.

I felt so relieved, safe and understood. It's like the deck was telling me "I know it's not easy right now, but keep going because it will not last forever". There's only one week left for the exams, and then I'll be able to breathe. Thank you, Rider-Waite Smith.

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