My deck has a sense of humor.

So this just happened…

Had my deck and journal out to log my daily card when the director of the halfway house walks in. She's just doing a random walk, but she sees my stuff and asks for a reading.

I don't normally read for others unless they ask, so I start shuffling. She asks if she needs to do anything or pay (I don't charge) and tell her that I usually just do single card a day with a weekly spread that I look up.

While shuffling 4 cards pop out so I use these as her spread:

Eclipse/Sun, upright

(amazement, longing, gains, comfort, amusement)

2 Coins, invert

(stagnation, debt, economic imbalance, weakness)

10 Batons, upright

(success earned through struggle that never leads to safety, cyclical strife)

4 Cups, upright

(weariness, ennui, angst, aversion, escapism, withdrawal from reality)

She seemed happy as I just laid out the cards and told her the above. She said it made sense to her and left.

Then I did my draw, 6 Blades, invert (flee, retreat, vanish, evade, warden, tries, overseer, bouncer)

Real cute deck, real cute

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