My decks don’t want to work with me anymore

When I first got my decks, some were "meh" towards me, but still helped with some readings. Others were super enthusiastic to work together.

Lately, a lot has happened. The state of the world, I was busy working, then I was busy prepping to move abroad, and I hadn't done readings very often over the last… 2 or 3 years? Probably count on both hands for number of readings every year.

I could tell the decks were upset for being neglected, but I didn't think they'd quit on me. I have done cleansing and little offerings as apologies, but they don't answer my questions, rarely answer questions for my friends…

I will probably just send them to my friend, but I grew attached more over time so I'm pretty heartbroken. How do I know what to do with them? They won't even answer if I ask them if they WANT to be sent to my friend. And how do I know a deck is willing to work with me at random intervals? How do I do this better and find my deck?

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