My emotional journey for the rest of the year

Hi y’all, I’m going through a breakup and did a spread to show an overview of my emotional state for the rest of the year. I picked one card to represent each month, and here were the results:

April: Ace of Swords Reversed May: Knight of Swords June: Five of Pentacles July: The Emperor August: Death September: Four of Wands October: The Fool November: Six of Swords reversed December: Three of Wands

I noted that Swords was the most common suite, which I take it to mean that I’m probably going to be trying to intellectualize the breakup and be in my head about it a lot. In May, I’ll probably try to force myself to move quicker, maybe not honor my heart and hit a low period in June. Come July, maybe I’ll start to feel more stable, and August will bring the inevitable release I’m looking for. September may bring good vibes with loved ones (I know that some interpretations see that as an ex coming back, but I’m choosing to ignore that), and October might indicate a new romantic chapter. The rest of the year shows insecurity, possibly baggage from my past, but that I should be hopeful for next year.


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