My ex didn’t believe in tarot cards and he ended up giving me a reading that came true.

I got myself a tarot deck around September of last year, and my ex was wary about it because he didn’t believe in tarot. To each their own! He was a little red-flag-ish around it, trying to control me and my thoughts and etc. One of the reason he’s my ex. Moving on.

One day he asked if he could read me, just a quick three card past/present/future read. I told him I’d tell him what the keywords were for the cards he drew. He didn’t know this, but I had already spent a lot of time with my deck and associated it with things that weren’t exactly the true keywords (ex, I associate the Lovers with a large inter-personal decision rather than just lovers or romantic relationships.)

He draws me Chariot, Lovers, and Sun. He reads the past (Chariot) pretty well, and the present (for Lovers) he talked at length about the effect he has in my life.

But he gets to the Sun.

Personally, I associate the Sun with a man who really brightens up my life, a man who really embodies the energies of the card. Whenever I think of him during a reading, the Sun comes up. Whenever I do a reading for him, the Sun comes up.

This man and I almost had a romantic relationship and my ex knew this and HATED him for it. My ex also didn’t know that I associated that man to the Sun. So he reads the Sun as me coming into myself and coming into my own confidence.

I read the present and future differently- that I’d make a significant decision in my relationships and my future involved some help or connection deepening with him.

I was right. Two months later I got into a huge fight with that ex and broke up with him, and I am currently dating the Sun man and he has continued to be as bright of a light in my life.

Anyways yeah I just wanted to vent a little about this since it’s been so deeply mystical to me that a reading done for me came true, and it’s making me trust my deck and my connection with it way more.

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