My fellow writers how do you guys use tarot as a writing resource?

I seen a couple of post from people who use tarot cards as a writing resource so i wanted to know how yall guys with tarot and writing? I know tarot decks as a way to bring new story ideas. I feel like tarot can give so many good stories and help come up with interesting characters. I think tarot and writing can go hand in handle with one another very easily, especially with reversals. I would also like to use my oracle decks as a source also. How do yall guys use tarot to help you with writing? And do yall use oracle decks as a situation or solution within the story? Were there certain decks that you guys used for a specific genre? Or did you just knew by the tone of the decks which genre best fitted them? How many cards did you guys pull in order to determine what happens in the chapter? Im very curious.

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