My friend got people to believe in tarot divination

I thought this was crazy so I'm here to share πŸ˜€

My friend is really into tarot and she's amazing at it. Whenever she does practice readings on me (I ask for clarifyers on my current situation) she always gives me inights and really helps me figure out how to move forward with whatever problem I have going on. You can tell from afar she has an amazing connection with her deck, one that she's been building up for quite a while.

At the beginnings of this year, some familiar and unfamiliar classmates asked her for tarot readings on general life and romantic relationships in the future. I believe her personal message is that her readings are generalisations or possibilities of what is to come. Throughout a break, she gave aprox 10-15 readings to different people.

Due to her guiding them and really helping everyone understand what the cards meant, she's now gotten a flurry of classmates coming up to her and telling her how similar her reading was to what actually went on to happen. It's up to individual people to believe what they want to but I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Just the slight prediction in her hand is so amazing.

Thanks for listening! I love you R if you're reading.

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