My mom thinks I‘m a witch.

Since my mom found out I use tarot cards, she‘s been acting different towards me. She is very religious and ofcourse, sees tarot cards as demonic, evil and the list goes on. I don’t even do rituals or anything, I just do and watch readings for myself to gain insight into my life. My mom sees this differently.

She only said once what she tought of that and told me that these cards meant no good but I stood up to her and since then, she didn’t say anything more but I can see in her look towards me that she‘s partly disgusted and nearly scared of me. Like in all moment, I could enchant her or do Voodoo on her or anything like that. She‘s looking at me in some way, like searching for changes in my looks, behaviour, voice, etc. that could confirm her thoughts about the influence of the tarot cards (even when the changes come from the circumstances or from myself). I feel uncomfortable being around her because she feels uncomfortable being around me.

What do you think? …

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