My mum done my cards for me after an issue in my relationship, the results were really interesting.

So keep in mind I don’t know much about tarot cards so my wording will be terrible. My mum has had a deck since before I was born, she uses it all the time and it’s always so accurate. Well, going through an issue at the moment with my girlfriend and my mum done my cards (not properly I don’t think just picked 2 randomly) picked 2 after a shuffle and got the deceit card, and some card about being stuck in life? Like stuck on an issue or in limbo. Which is very accurate since my relationship is pretty much on me, I’ve currently got the decision wether I want to split with my girl or not.

I decided to give the deck a shuffle and tried to put some energy into it, nothing jumped out for a little second but shuffled some more and a card popped up. It was the strength card. After that I really didn’t want to continue thats all I needed to see to keep me going and I refuse to touch another card. Anyway, first ever time using them so it’s really interesting to see 🙂

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