My pen died while I was handwriting notes on the reversal meaning of a card that I pulled in it’s divine…

I was giving myself a card reading and handwriting notes on each card and it’s potential divine / reversal meaning. I wrote thorough notes and interpretations on a 9 card spread. My pen was working perfectly fine, but it died as soon as I wrote “bad luck” under the reversal meaning of my last card pulled: the wheel of fortune. I pulled this card in it’s divine when asking “what’s the best possible outcome from this situation?”

What do you think this means? I took it as, I don’t even need to consider the reversal because it’s definitely gonna work if I can remain optimistic!

I had only used this pen once before, the previous day for a spell, so every ounce of energy in this pen went towards this particular situation.. it just seems like a sign from the universe but I could be reaching

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