My questions were was "Where is my friendship with my ex going?" and "What could happen if I keep hoping?"

So there is an ex that I keep in touch with and we treat each other like best friends. However, I have been wondering where this friendship is going. I honestly hope that things will go in my favor, so I resorted to the tarot cards and saved two readings.

The first question was "Where is this friendship going?

Past: Lovers Present: Heirophant Future: Four of Wands

Sounds positive, but I don't know if this definitely means "Oh you could definitely work out and get married and yadda yadda yadda." I want to get other people's opinions first.

My second question, "What could happen if I keep hoping for a return?" This was a Situation, Action and Outcome reading.

Situation: Devil Action: Five of Wands Outcome: Page of Pentacles

I think this one means I am jealous of her current relationship, but if I lay down my anger there will be new opportunities? I think that's what I am getting but I'm not sure about the Outcome.

I need some honest, second opinion interpretations. I don't know if the second is in my favor or not, and what the first could mean (I know it seems very positive, but I don't know for sure).

What would you guys say?

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