My stalker card is giving me hope

I’m pretty new to tarot. The day I got my first deck, I quickly flipped through the cards to try and familiarize myself with them. That night, one of the cards appeared in my dreams, and after I woke up I looked through the deck to find the one I recognized. It was the ten of pentacles! Ever since then, the ten of pentacles has fallen out of the deck while shuffling and shown up in my daily reading several times.

My life has been a shit show from the beginning (family of alcoholics, major financial trouble, etc.) and I’ve been struggling with a huge recent loss. But, I also recently started a job at a small company that’s growing very quickly. I don’t know. This card feels like it’s telling me some kind of stability is on the way. Maybe things are going to be okay for me, finally. I hope!

If there is an interpretation I could be missing please let me know!

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