My tarot decks won’t "talk" to me

Ever since I have changed my perspective on things and have become more accountable and in control of my thoughts and emotions,,,, I feel like my tarot decks won't "talk" to me. The cards no longer fall out and every card I get is usually in reverse.

I know what that looks like— " it's because your perception changed" or " its because you don't look at tarot the way you used to " or " it's a psychological issue — such as not believing in tarot anymore". Except for the last one I agree to the earlier two.

I'm aware of that ( i.e. what the above statements look like ) but just because I have become action Oriented and someone who makes things happens instead of always trying to find answers in destiny, whether something was right for me or not ie. Always unsure of myself ( in past ) and someone who would wait for things to happen. It shouldn't mean that my relationship with tarot would be perhaps jeopardize— my relationship with tarot might change and I can accept that but to not be able to access perhaps anything with tarot— or atleast that is what it feels like is something that is hard to accept.

Or maybe its not an issue about access— maybe it's just because I am more mentally sound and stable, the connection must have become more stable too but that does not explain the reversals.

What do you think?

Disclaimer- I believe in god ( I'm a monotheist ), I do not look at tarot just as a psychological tool— i use tarot as a means to connect with energies. So I really request that while I'm open to hearing opinions on this in terms of psychology— it would be helpful to me if it was done in terms of my beliefs too since I am trying to determine what could be happening.

Thank you.

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