My tarot doesn’t like my friend. She’s literally impossible to read.

I can cleanse my deck, use all the right crystals, and be in the perfect mindset but reading her never works. Out of all my friends she’s notoriously hard to psychoanalyze. So she thought a reading with her would help and I tried.

The ONLY time I’ve been able to successfully read her was when she was very emotional about someone she suspects is her twin flame. Other than that person, she’s super emotionally closed off to the point I doubt she has them (and she does too).

She’s one of my best friends- she’s so sweet and funny. She’s always been there for me and she’d move the world for people she’s loyal to. But even she’s described herself like a reptile- doesn’t feel love, just loyalty and trust. She’s been in really bad relationships where she was so head over heels but they all ended bad for her so that’s why she shut herself away.

Back to the point- any readings directly about her don’t work. They don’t make sense and it’s like I just picked cards at random instead of being shown them. But when it was about her twin flame it was extremely accurate.

Thoughts or advice? Any way to read her or is it something with her? My partner literally thinks she’s a demon in human form but he doesn’t get bad vibes from it, just an emotional wall lol.

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