My tarot talks a lot about the future, and that everything will have been worth it, need some help…

Hello, I'm going to talk about some spreads that I did and some coincidences…

07/04/2022 – Should I try going to Canada in a interchange? Or Stay in My Country (Im going to high school next year)

1: (Going to Canada) 7 of cups, 2(Stay at my country) 10 of Pentacles, 3(An Advice) The Chariot

What I interpreted was that maybe going to canada was an unrealistic desire the tarot got it right, it was just because several people talked about it, but I will continue with my family anyway), and if I stayed in Brazil I would have a lot of prosperity in general , and the advice being that I am in control and if I try hard and really want to I can go.

18/04/22 – How could i improve my life?

1: The Tower, 2: The Magician

I interpreted (with the help of the folks on reddit, thanks :D) that I should filter out people I don't share the same goals or who are no longer on the same path as mine and I have the strength to go through this situation, My only interpretation was that they were talking about my classmates, they are so much idiot and imature… and I have to talk with them because i dont have anyone… All my friends changed school because of them. To confirm it i did another reading but saying about my classmates…

19/04/22 – How could I get rid of someone who doesn't have the same goals as me, or who aren't on the same path, if I have to stay in class longer this year before changing schools?

i choose a card for the past (origin of the situation), present, and future..

1: The lovers (past), 2 (past) 8 of pentacles, 3(future) Queen Of Cups.

My interpretation of the card was The lover: was how i entered the school, my parents made the big decision of changing cities and I entered there…, i have passed so much likes bullies… but that make me so much stronger! And that what 8 of pentacles must represent, all the dificulties that i have passed made me learned and made me more more, strong, mature… And Queen of cups is a good signal for the future saying about more emotional security, intuition, calm, compassion!

And today I asked 2 very similar questions!, how I could change/improve my life, and another question about how to improve/change my life but reinforcing what I can do, now and both gave 10 of pentacles, the same card that appeared on my canada question (stay in my country and doing high school here) what this card have to advice me?

And in my context of school with tarot, i just have to wait until next year? I really can't leave it now because of my parents… well im happy that tarot give me good signs abou the future!


Ps: Sorry if i made some english mistakes, im not a native, i have tried my best.

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