My work situation

To be short, it's giving me anxiety, so I decided to do a tarot spread.

The deck is Tarot Familiars by Lisa Parker

I used the Celtic cross. I usually interpret it as: {central card} = my situation; {crossing card} = obstacles; {top card} = how this situation started; {left card} = present; {bottom} = near future; {right} = far future (almost never further than three months); {bottom card in the right column} = how do I see myself; {card above it} = what's outside me; {card above it} = what's inside me; {card above it} = synthesis.

My work place is toxic. The boss likes to think of himself as a great entrepreneur, and he's not. He likes to micromanage, boss around, harass people psychologically. He's the type of guy that mixes up things and lies and tries to manipulate everyone. The managers constantly have his breath on their neck. We have an union, he's doing everything in his power to dismantle it, and at the moment nobody is willing to be a representative. He's constantly belittling and gossiping, takes all the merit and gives others all the blame. He put his sons in positions that they cannot fill, and the company took some hit. My manager isn't able to… manage him. She believes everything, it's like she's been poisoned by him. I've seen mobbing, I've seen illegal shit, and every couple of months an employee is grilled for no reason. I was the other week. What's more, what I do in the company is not appreciated at all, and I am more competent than my manager, but she's constantly insinuating that I cannot do a job that I've done for years before working in this company. But I can't feel safe leaving, because it's not easy to find a decent, well-payed job with my experience. This is the first time I have a regular, decent pay and I feel protected by the union (so far it's still there).

This is the spread

My interpretation:

There are three nines. It's like there is too much of it. I am the ace of cups. I've got potential and want to express myself, but I'm blocked by someone in power. I think the Hierophant means why I chose this job. I wanted a mentor, I wanted to grow in my field. That's the part that hurts me most, I didn't find it. Nine of swords in the present, maybe I'm blowing this up a little. But I am suffering, as the three of swords shows. Nine of pentacles, I will (or I need to?) find a psychological relief soon, my dimension where I can be in peace no matter what my surroundings are. I need to elevate. This will evolve into Justice. The lovers, this is the card hard for me to interpret. I don't see choices; maybe my coworker need to take choices that will have an influence on me? As I premises, the union is at risk, and I didn't say that it's not very clear if the company is faring well. This deck shows two moons, one in the Hierophant and the other in the Lovers. It adds to the unclearness of the situation (especially for me). I have to add that I try to hide what I think as much as I can. It reflects in the nine of wands: I've pulled up all my walls, I try to defend myself. Seven of swords: unfortunately, I can't trust no one there, and nobody trusts anybody.

I think I have to keep defending myself, and let the situation flow. I don't see hints at looking for a different job actively, I don't see hints at taking action. I've thought yesterday about taking legal action, it seems it's telling me to just wait.

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