Need assistance interpreting a stalker card!

Hello! For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing readings for myself on how I should approach taking care of myself. For context, I’ve been in a horrific depressive episode, and have been going through really difficult life changes as well. I used to also be a Aphrodite worshiper, but I haven’t felt her presence since February of this year (probably due to my mental state)

From how I am interpreting it, it’s asking me to be more nurturing to myself, and allow myself to receive help. I also possibly see it as feeling confident in my sexuality as a feminine person, and that I should lean into that more, because I very much was like that before I had my breakdown.

Position wise, it’s always upright, and likes to come up in all 3 spots for a simple 3 card past, present, and future reading, but it also will come out in a 1 card pull as well.

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