Need help finding tarot deck from a dream

Hello, I hope this is okay to post here. I tried searching the internet and I’ve come up with nothing so I was hoping people more experienced with Tarot decks could help me. It’s been well over a decade since I did anything concerning tarot so I’m very out of the loop.

I recently had a dream where someone that felt very familiar (but I cannot figure out who) gifted me cards from a tarot deck. They were the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen and I felt drawn to them in a way I can’t really explain. So I’ve been desperately trying to find any decks with cards like them.

All I can properly remember from the dream is that the background of the cards were very dark, I think black. The colors were really rich but there wasn’t a ton of color. The most noticeable thing I remember though was running my finger along a card with the image of a man and the cloth he wore felt textured different than the rest of the card. Are there any cards with texture like this or do these only exist in my dream?

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