need help interpreting for "my next relationship" reading!

this is the rider-waite classic tarot deck, and the spread is:

  1. me in the next relationship [the devil reversed]

— my interpretation of this is that i'll finally be released from my toxic habits and self-destructive acts in a relationship. me putting up boundaries and writing my standards and etc. will allow me to speak up for things i will not longer tolerate! and i'll be able to be confident and speak my mind, allow me to feel liberated and powerful. i have a sense of freedom at last at this time.

  1. the relationship as a whole [page of wands]

— this one was telling me that my next relationship will be adventurous, fun, and impulsive. it'll be a very outgoing, talkative, and playful relationship filled with curiosity and new opportunities. i think this was also telling me that this person will allow me to feel relaxed and my true self around them.

  1. my partner in the relationship [knight of pentacles in reversed]

— now this one confused me a lot, as this card in reversed means hesitation and complacency. what i'm getting at is that this person will be hesitant in the relationship and throughout it because they're afraid of something. i'm also getting that they might think that because i'm with them, i won't put myself first or stand up for not getting my needs. if i could get help on this card, that would be great!!!

thank you so much, and anything helps!!!

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