Need help interpreting situation regarding my health/job

Hi all, I felt compelled to do a reading for myself today. I was thinking about my worries about my health and my job as I was shuffling. The reversed Ace of Wands and The Devil jumped out of my hands so dramatically that I felt like I needed to sit down and really listen.

Now my interpretation is that with the reversed ace of wands, I was going to be disappointed or have disappointing news regarding my health. I have been waiting for my covid results for a while and it has been very anxiety-inducing as both my parents and brother have tested positive.

The Devil really confuses me though? I see him as a sexually charged or very materialistic person so I do not understand the story in what the cards are trying to say. With the reverse of wands, I am thinking that I am maybe feeling disappointed and set back from this covid mess my family is in and that I am worried about money. Or that I am going to receive pretty negative news and it's going to affect my job obviously and my money. Does that sound correct?

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