Need help interpreting True Passion Spread

I came across this spread for finding your true passion in tumblr and tried it:


Your True Passion

Card on top (Major Arcana)

Its Different Forms

Three Cards in the middle row (Non court cards in Minor Arcana)

Your Path Towards Each

Cards at the bottom (Court cards from Minor Arcana)

The cards I got were:

Your True Passion: The Sun

I am seriously confused by this because I can't fathom what The Sun card means as true passion. The Sun is a card of pure joy and positivity. What does it mean as my true passion, I'm clueless because I'm attracted to darker things in life and hate over enthusiastic, always cheerful demeanour. The Sun Card means working with people and I hate interacting with others. The only thing I can think as Sun are motivational Gurus, life coach, advice columnist.

Different forms of my passion:

Three of Swords, Ten of Pentacles and four of cups Again it's very confusing how three of Swords is a form of my passion when it is the card for heartbreak and pain. Similarly four of cups is a card of boredom, dissatisfaction, and restlessness. Three of Swords is supposed to signify medical occupations but I have an Engineering degree. Ten of Pentacles is for creating a legacy.

My path towards each:

Knight of Cups, Knight of Wands, Queen of Pentacles

To achieve the first path (indicated by Three of Swords), I should be artistic and sensitive. I need to be engaged in creative pursuits.

To achieve the second path (indicated by Ten of Pentacles ), I should be passionate, adventurous, highly energetic and a big dreamer

To achieve the first path (indicated by Four of Cups), I should be practical, nurturing, sensitive, wise and generous and resourceful.

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