Need help with a gift idea: meme tarot cards for a complete beginner

So, my 15 y/o brother is pretty interested in my tarot readings, I've done a couple of readings for him and he's always enthousiastic about it. Last time he mentioned he might wanna get a deck of his own to do readings on personal stuff on his own (I'm such a proud sister! :')

Anyways he's really into memes and humor, even in the darkest situations he can make jokes and I thought this deck might suit him. However I feel like, especially as someone that's completely new to tarot, it might feel a bit silly and makes it feel more 'fake' and less serious? My bro is not a serious person at all so it kinda suits him but I just really want him to have a good serious experience and be able to do readings on important stuff like he said he wanted to.

In your opinion, do you think a meme deck could distract from doing serious readings?

Here's the link btw:

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