Need help with choosing a spread type

Hello! This is my first post here. I'm sorry if it doesn't comply, I have read all the rules and subreddit wiki and haven't found anything about my issue. If I missed it, please show me and I'll remove the post myself. And I don't know which flair to use, hope I used the right one. Thanks.

A few words about me: I'm new here, but have a basic knowledge and somewhat familiar with tarot – not that I would call myself an expert tho. I do not practice often, but made some readings for myself and for some friends and people from the internet – some of them were accurate. I use Thoth tarot in my practice but had people from the Internet do readings for me in other decks of their or my choice.

The issue: usually I know which spread type to use, and I tend to use the simplest and quickest for the situation, which is often a single card, three or the Celtic cross. But now I have a situation where I have multiple choices (5 potential workplaces) and my need is to choose which one would be the best for me, what will I experience at each workplace. I did a single card for each (and all were Majors, which kinda fascinated me), and then I started to do a Celtic cross for each, but that's the opposite of easy and quick. So I kinda started to question my choice of spread. Is there a type of spread that can be used more efficiently for this situation?

Thanks in advance!

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