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Some background on this situation, my family and I are having issues with my father that have been ongoing since childhood. We have decided to seek the help of a therapist to fix the relationship with him, he hasn't been very open to going despite this being his decision. I'm still fairly new to tarot and the most I'll do is a one card pull before my day starts so I would love to hear second opinions on this spread. I used the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot deck by Matt Hughes and the everyday mini tarot deck by Bridget Esselmot.

1) "what are the challenges we'll face in therapy" King of wands in reverse, the moon clarifying it I see this as him being controlling which he is, maybe there will be disagreements in opinions, and confusion

2) "what will happen if we stop going" Ten of cups in reverse, 4 of swords clarifying Unhappiness, heartbreak I think?

3) likely outcome if we continue going to therapy The chariot in reverse, the tower clarifying This one confused me a little. Things are going to happen very quickly but not in a positive way.

Thank you for any insight on this reading!

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