Need some advice from more experience readers please!

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been drawn to tarot for years and have been learning and doing readings for myself and close friends during this time.

I want to expand my intuitive abilities so I went to the practice Reddit and said I would do a reading. I did the reading and all went very well, I felt very connected to my decks and the cards that fell seemed very relevant to the question.

However as soon as I was finished with the reading I felt extremely sick and I actually had to throw up immediately after! This has never happened to me and I am not someone who throws up easy. My intuition is telling me it has to do with the reading, it’s just so bizarre. I did nothing else different in my routine, didn’t eat anything new/weird. No new meds / allergies / I wasn’t drunk to make this make sense.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I looking at mundane things magically?

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