Needing a second opinion on reading in regards to relationships with other people.

I am very new to Tarot but I keep finding myself confused as hell about picking up on others' energies. I am completely against doing readings for others without their consent (or even their knowledge) but I can't help but want to ask my deck "How can I go about this situation with so-and-so?" "How would the situation develop if I did so-and-so with/for so-and-so?" "What can I do about this situation with so-and-so?" "Why the hell do I keep asking about so-and-so?"

I recognize that there are definitely issues that I need to address outside of tarot, but every now and then, there are days where I would just feel more comfortable if I did ask these questions. I don't want to read for others, but I would like to read for myself in regards to others (family, friends, potential changes in my relationships, etc.) How would I go about doing that in a respectful and safe way?

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