Negative Entity Attached To Cards?

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For the past month or so, I've been pulling cards that are seen as more "intense". I made a post awhile ago about the three of swords appearing over and over in a love reading, for awhile the Death card kept popping up, then it was the Tower, Judgement. I know these cards aren't necessarily scary, but are more intense and perhaps alarming. I put my cards in salt for awhile and put good intention into them, and thought I was ok. For background info, I am sort of a young spiritualist and my tarot journey started in July. I'm still discovering a lot about my psychic gifts and how to use them.

I was walking when I saw a sign for tarot readings. I felt drawn to it, which is strange, because I have usually been happy doing them for myself. I found myself chatting with a nice lady outside who asked me if I read for myself, to which I said yes. She then invited me in.

Her reading was really good. The way she did tarot was so different than anything I had read about or learned in these first few months of my spiritual journey. I told her I had my cards on her, and she felt them and she pulled the Judgement card from my deck, and proceeded to inform me that a demon had attached itself to my cards because I wasn't using them properly. She offered to take my cards away and dispose of them properly by burying them, and I'm going to see her tomorrow to help cleanse some of the negative energy that this entity may have left on me.

I am thinking about taking a break from tarot now because of this, and figuring out more about my psychic gifts before I go back to it. I was wondering if anyone with some experience has some advice for me. Has anyone had a similar experience.

Thank you for reading <3

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