New reader, would love a second opinion on my interpretation!

I'm new to Tarot, so I've just started doing some daily readings to help practice. I'm using the Prisma Visions Tarot Deck by James R. Eads. I know this is a tricky deck to start with but I really love the pictures and the symbolism they bring. I've been enjoying jotting down my interpretations of each card. I just used a basic three-card spread that I saw someone post on here (If this is you let me know! I can't find the comment and I forgot to write down the username). I did this reading in the morning and my intention was to get a snapshot of my day ahead.

Here is the spread plus my interpretation:

  1. What is today's overall energy? Three of Pentacles

a. I'm just getting started on a project. I've got a pretty good foundation and I should be proud of the progress I've made. If I continue to take my time and be meticulous I will reach a product I am proud of.

  1. What should I avoid today? Ten of Pentacles

b. I still have work to do, it's not yet time to reward myself or rest. I need to keep up the work for a while longer before I can reward myself.

  1. What does my higher self want me to see today? Three of Wands

c. Take it slow, keep working on the project at hand, and be proud of the progress I have made.

I've been working on going through each card in the deck and writing down my interpretation on a google doc, maybe that's what this reading might be referencing? Telling me to take my time with each card and not rush. I have also been toying with buying another Prisma deck, so I might be getting the message that it's not time yet and I need to familiarize myself with the cards more. Let me know what you think!

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