New to Tarot and I have a couple of questions :-)

I was using my herbal oracle deck in my life (which I bought one day on Impulse because it caught my eye in a wellness shop), drawing a card, reflecting on it, and journaling. I was also listening to a podcast episode where they were walking through the major arcana. I skipped the episode(s) at first, since I wasn’t into Tarot. Then I got drawn in. It spoke of The Hero’s journey and I thought, wow, that’s a whole other level of introspection. I would up getting two decks, ShadowScapes and SpiritSong, which I thought I’d love. And I bought a book that is based off of RWS. The suits and elements weren’t really jiving for me, so I went looking for a deck that used the straight elements as the suits. I found Dreams of Gaia. Now, I know this isn’t your standard deck but it speaks to me. This is the one. (I love the other decks and will use them, I hope. I did do a reading trying to interpret a dream I had and I felt drawn to the SpiritSong one for that.) Okay, I said I had questions.

Dreams of Gaia also seems to follow numerology of the pip cards more closely than RWS. I truthfully can’t even wrap my head around the RWS swords suit. Can someone explain why it seems to deal with a lot of emotions? I would think that should be in the cups suit. I feel like I would have to do somersaults to get this to make sense to me.

I did a whole spreadsheet (air sign, here) of the three decks and their card meanings plus the RWS meanings from my book, trying to get a bird’s eye view of the mappings of card meanings to elements, numerology, and each other. I would love to learn the RWS system as well (I feel like I should) and I could do that with ShadowScapes but the beautiful art is so hard to see on the smaller cards. So I’m contemplating the Radiant Wise Spirit deck to stick closer to the actual RWS deck.

But I’m worried I’m going to REALLY muddy myself up. My thought at this point is that I should just continue with Dreams of Gaia. It has its fair share of challenging cards, so I feel like I can be “spoken to” when I need to be. I’ve actually experienced this already. I’ve also experienced a lot of synchronicity/reinforcement that this deck is for me, including my first card pull where I pulled the Self card.

Is the view of the Tarot world that it is a tool to access your inner knowledge and so any deck that does this is okay in a reading? Not that I’m ever a go-along-with-the-crowd person, but I am curious. This is mostly for me, anyway, although as I tell people I’m doing this I’ve had two asks for a card draw from family members.

Okay, that’s it for now. Anything you want to say to help me move forward on this new journey is welcome! I just did a wonderful exercise I heard on a Biddy Tarot podcast where you pull two cards and make connections. I went all the way through my DOG deck and only stumbled on a few cards, so I’m encouraged that I’m making some progress.

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