new to tarot- i have a few questions about cleansing and respect.

after i received my first deck of tarot cards yesterday i attuned with them (which went quite well, me and my friend seem to think that they seem quite friendly!) and slept with them under my pillow as per their instruction.

i read a little today which, assuming that i did everything correctly, i'm quite satisfied with, although it did kind of intimidate me.

i'm a bit concerned about the cleansing process. i'm not quite sure if it's necessary or not, how often i should do it, and what types of candles/incense work.

during all of this, i've been very careful about being respectful to the tarot and the tarot cards themselves. i had my friend explain to me what was disrespectful several times, but i'm still a little bit foggy on what i should absolutely avoid. i do understand that the tarot is different with each deck and each deck has it's own personality, so there's not really solid rules that can be placed, but any input would be appreciated.

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