New to Tarot, looking for help

Hey friends I’m new to tarot and am so far really enjoying it. The way it allows one to introspect and re-examine current afflictions is, for lack of a better word, magical.

Though I am kind of struggling with truly getting a grasp on the cards. Memorizing has never been my strong suit, and having to somewhat memorizing 72 beautifully unique cards is quite intimidating.

Essentially I’m just asking for any tips you guys have for beginners. I have surrendered myself mostly and allowed instincts to take over. Giving readings with mostly my heart rather than logic. I do have a book that just details the symbolism and emotions associated behind the cards rather than just giving blatant interpretations so I mostly use that for my readings.

I don’t know if it matters but I have only given my readings (apart from the daily ones I give myself) to close friends and told them to take it with a grain of salt. They told me that they did appreciate the readings and they were somewhat tangential to their life though I somehow convinced a female friend that she was going to find the love of her life while on an upcoming cruise – so that’s fun.

I guess if you guys want to check my interpretations, I usually just like to draw a random card in the morning and give some direction to my day and this morning I happened to draw The Wheel of Fortune in reverse. I interpreted it as something out of my power, seemingly random, will affect my life for the better especially so because (due to it being in reverse) the sphinx isn’t monitoring over the wheel.

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