Newbie, first time reader, from my first deck, very happy :)

I'm pretty new to tarot, so I had been looking for a deck that that felt right. I finally found an artist years ago and recently realised they made a tarot deck. So I ordered it for my birthday and it arrived this week.

I drew my first card from the new deck today.

Most guides suggested I interview the deck, plenty of questions about what to expect and how to work together. But that didn't feel rigjt to me. It felt very direct and rude. We just met, I just wanted to say hi.

So I set my intent to "hello, nice to finally meet you. What wisdom would you like to share today?".

I drew the Four of Swords. The deck essentially talked about taking a breather, having some rest, recouping before the next big thing, gathering strength.

This couldn't have been more on point. I had literally taken a mental health day today. Work has been really crazy for months now, with me running solo in what should be a 3 person team.

I also have been building a house, which is due to finish within a month. I don't feel ready for the change and have felt I am not taking the time I need to get ready for this. This is mostly because I have very little mental realestate left after a work day.

This card has read my soul on the first go. I have a meeting tomorrow with the workplace counselor. I was trying to put words to how overwhelmed I feel. Now I know I want to ask about strategies to recharge and get ready for what is meant to be one of the more exciting experiences of life: being a first time homeowner.

I like this deck already. I think we're off to a good start. What do you think?

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