No one likes a name-dropper! Professional Tarot Tips!

I am from Canada! … and no I don't know Bob Sherman? Just like your client does not know who, The 5 of Wands or Hierophant is…nor do they care! When a Tarot Reader describes what a card is, instead of what it means! It shows inexperience because, if you are readings individual cards…it means you are struggling to accurately interpret the spread!

Bad Reading: Oh there are 2 queens and a High Priestess, one is cups and one is swords – You must be very intuitive and have a strong feminine nature

Good Reading: See this card…it means Secrets, and it standing between these two women is not good! Your married right?

Tarot Cards teach you to BE psychic, WITHOUT cards, so in the meantime get to know them on a personal level, by NOT name-dropping…


Start with the Majors because they are the most stubborn to get to know! Give Each of the 21 Majors the opportunity to give you a 7-second first impression, then label that card with that word. Once completed, experiment! Do you feel the cards are talking too you now?

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