Not interested in tarot after psychic fair

So in the beginning of February I worked a psychic fair. For the most part it went well but I got a few people that really made me wonder why I was interested in reading for others. One was obsessed with needing a psychic tarot reader and was frantic when she came up to me as if it was life or death. I didn't end up reading for her. And the other asked 3 different readers about the same question I was last and the tie breaker on her decision.

Any way I left the fair tired and drained came home relaxed and reflected. The thing is I haven't touched my cards since the fair. I have been feeling like it is all BS and a waste of time.

It's weird because tarot has been I'm my life for like 10yrs! I have over 30 decks, soooo many books like I got peace from tarot and it really helped me.

So now I'm here wondering if anyone else has completely lost interest to the point of thinking that it's a waste of time and honestly kind of sad. I felt bad for the people who were so desperate at the fair and wished they could find some peace and honestly make their own decisions. Ooof that sounds harsh. Not trying to be mean.

Has anyone been here? My main take away is that fairs aren't for me but now I don't even see the point in reading at all. 😟

Edit: I want to say thank you to everyone who has posted! As I'm reading over comments 1) I can't believe so many of you have taken the time to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on this situation 2) I have so much input to reflect upon and I'm really grateful 3) I genuinely love this community!

I'm planning on giving myself a much needed break and to also reflect on how to better my shielding and grounding. Thank you all for the support! It's nice knowing I'm not the only one πŸ€—

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