Not sure how to interpret the center of this celtic cross

I asked the cards about an interconnected work/personal relationship, and it is all surprisingly clear – except the center. (I know context matters, and the whole spread is connected, but still feel I get the message of the other cards).

In the center, I got the 4 of swords as main card and the 9 of wands as opposing card.

In the matter I am asking about I have always been very calm, towards others, but also towards myself (meditation, taking an analytic instead of emotional approach). So I am not sure if the 4 of swords tells me to be even more "still" or "calm", or if it means my approach is too analytic and disconnected, and I should show and communicate more of what I really feel.

The 9 of wands, I always saw it as a motivational card, keep going to get where you want. So as opposing card it would suggest to give up? That doesn't feel right, but maybe that's just ecause I was taught to never give up.

Here is the whole spread if someone cares to look at it: My Celtic Cross

I am using the Wild unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.

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