Novice Reader Requesting Assistance with Queen in Three Part Spread

• I use the Radiant Wise Spirit deck(based on Rider Waite Smith.

• I did a three card spread, with the rather ambiguous intention, "What do I need to know right now?"

• I drew The Fool, then Two of Swords, then Queen of Swords.

I kinda get the first two. Drawing the fool blew my mind, cuz that is so how I've felt my whole life. Just naively going forward following my bliss. Lately I've realized I need to change. I see the old tracks in my mind, and feel like I can actually get out of their ruts. That's what i think the duality of the second card means.

But the queen of swords has me torn. On the one hand, since this queen is related to truth and clear thinking, maybe its saying I need to practice being mindful? I could see that, as i grasp at and push away soooo much in my mind.

But on the other hand could it mean literal women? Cuz another thing I've noticed lately is that talking to women that are engaged in talking to me just makes me be my best self. It's as if there's a distinct female energy or something.

TL;DR: Is the queen of swords literal or metaphorical? All thoughts are welcome and appreciated!

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