Occupation in Cards?

I was looking for occupations for a character! This character used to be the antagonist but he has long spiraled into deep guilt and a desire for repentance (despite not wanting to be forgiven). I pulled two cards.

First Card: [Reversed Star]

Second Card: [Upright Six of Swords]

Now I don't have pictures of my deck at this moment, but the Reversed Star has an illustration of a cat pawing/trying to scoop up fish (but only catching water.) I think it represents a job meant to re-establish dreams and find purpose once more. Since the Star in my deck talks about reconnecting with dreams when reversed, my trail of thoughts went down the aisle of a job of patience. (To catch a fish, you must be patient, right?)

The Six of Swords seemed to indicate the protection of something/someone while on a long journey. Or to watch something carefully as it makes its way to another destination of greens and growth (the card's island in the distance.)

So I thought 'Gardener!' as Gardeners care for and protect their garden while gently giving them nudges to grow. Interacting with the earth also helps you connect with your inner roots! I was also reminded of an article I read about reforming criminals by having them take care of plants. Teaching others how to care for life and grow it carefully seems to heal them from the inside. But what do you think? Any other suggestions?

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