On edge, I pulled just one card from Rider-Waite…

And it's the bonus art with children at the feet of their grandmother. (Killing me.)

I got some harrowing news yesterday that severely affects some extremely important business thing I'm up against. They should have been unrelated but unfortunately this new thing threw my business thing I'm sprinting to a deadline for (all-nighter, etc.) into the balance. I am now in mercy mode mode as someone else gets to hold my fate in their hands — which they took and I can't even tell what this is really all about for them.

The card was comforting. It reminded me of my grandmother's words that no matter what happens, I will be in the right place — go to where I'm wanted. It's just so hard with this sort of epic I've been striving towards and struggling to get to.

OK back to the sprinting until my next break or receiving the call with the news!

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