Opinions: Difference between The Chariot and Six of Wands?

I saw an interesting post earlier about the difference between Two of Cups and the Lovers and I learned a lot from it. A reading that I had recently inspired me to ask the same question about the Six of Wands and the Chariot.

I'd be curious about your opinions and experiences on pulling either or both in different contexts and what they mean to you.

I personally received the Six of Wands in the "overall outcome" of a Celtic Cross love spread that was really passionate exciting and encouraging. Like, it even had 3 aces (cups, wands, and pentacles).

But, this reading, as well as the previously mentioned post inspired me to reflect on what that Six of Wands really means and how the reading might be different if the Chariot had been pulled instead.

So, whether in general, in your own experiences, I'm curious what your take is on the Six of Wands and how it is different from or similar to the Chariot? How would your readings be different if you had pulled the other instead?

EDIT: Lot's of cool advice and opinions so far. I found the "major arcana as a core path" and "6W about external validation" to be really insightful.

I also really loved the insight: "The Chariot is about the Journey, the 6W is the victory on the final page."

One great question someone had that I also would add:

What would be the difference/meaning between these two cards appearing reversed?

Maybe like lack of core direction, vs lack of external validation?

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