Original 10 of Swords vs new one Light Seer’s Tarot

I watched Truth in Story’s walkthrough on this deck and loved the original 10 of Swords. It showed a powerful message of healing your wounds and moving on.

I received the Hay House deck today and I was very disappointed in the new 10 of Swords. It looks too romantic for what the message is supposed to be in my opinion. The first thing I thought of was it looks like a scene out of “Where the Crawdads sing “ and I disliked that book 😆.

I found out Chris-Anne changed it bc it depicted a POC with wounds with the message that she was possibly abused. I didn’t see that at all. I saw a powerful woman who had been wounded but was strong enough to heal and carry on. It was a beautiful card with a beautiful and strong woman ready to move on.

Anywhere I can receive the original card ?

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