Page and knight of cups

I asked my cards how to get over him. We have a nearly 30 year love story. Not consistent but always burning embers even when we’re not together. We have children from different partners. We’ve both been married. The last couple of years have been so good with us. But I feel like it’s just a karmic lesson. We need to learn from each other. Despite the electricity we feel together and the sweet love, I feel deep down in my core that it’s not healthy to stay together. I can’t explain it. But, ugh I love him so much. And he loves me. It’s like a connection that we just can’t help even when it is unhealthy for one of us. Anyway, I pulled the page of cups and then the knight of cups. I’m feeling, maybe because of how strongly I feel about him and him for me, that my cards are telling me to stay. Maybe there’s more karmic work we need to stumble through. I read the page of cups as intuitive lessons and the need to keep working through it and the knight of cups is such an emotional card, so water heavy – love and feelings and emotions and ugh. Am I far too connected to read this right? Heeeeeelp 😅🥺

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