Past life Tarot interpretation help

I'm treating this as entertainment mostly for now. I did a read trying to decipher information on a random past life. Here's the spread I went with: 1 Who I was Reversed king of Wands 2 what I did: Reversed page of cups 3 challenges Star (Upright) 4)how I died 4 of Swords (upright) 5) lessons learned Ace of swords (upright) 6) how I've been influenced King of swords upright.

As far as I interpreted: 1) who I was was an arrogant, manipulative and impulsive person, maybe not maliciously but there's a suggestion of some harm done. 2) what I did: Maybe something related to a creative field. Unproffesional and emotional qnd impulsive. And was possibly a troubled person afraid of reality. And maybe there was substance abuse involved. 3) challenges faced: was apparently more blessed and provided for by the universe than I realized but possibly took that for granted. Possibly a long life of challenges and hardship. 4) withdrawn, at rest. Maybe found some peace after turmoil. At the end of life. 5) gained a new perspective. Clarity of consciousness. New perspective on morals. 6) a lesson of great power holding great responsibility. A suggestion of spiritual understanding and transformation.

To summarize it sounds like a bit of a redemption arc I went through. XD

Again I'm treating this as entertainment but am curious if more savy tarot readers get a different interpretation of this read. Which I'm all ears.

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