Past/Present/Future spread for love interest – king & queen of swords fell together // VIII (8) of Swords // Ace of Swords – interpretation help please?

  • Spread used: past, present and future between a man (26) whom I believe to be the love of my love and possible twin flame, and myself (26) (5/29/2022). I think he’s my twin flame because we bring out parts of each other that were buried deep under the surface. Our on and off again relationship has been turbulent, mostly because of me tbh, but we always find our way back to each other and become stronger every time. I think I’m more experienced than he is, and I’ve never felt this way before.
  • I’ve been seeing angel numbers lately (1:11, 11:11, 11:33, 3:33) his life path is 1 and mine is 3. Even now as I type, I look at the time and it’s 3:13pm! I can’t make this up.

I used the Albino-Waite Tarot Deck. Certain words used to describe my relation to divinatory and reversal meanings of cards come from the instruction manual (written by Stuart Kaplan).

I’m using this particular set up, example:

PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE: card pulled Divine meaning: explanation from instructions (my interpretation) Reverse meaning: explanation from instructions (my interpretation)

Note: I turned these cards over horizontally, which I normally do vertically, but either way – they all came out upside down. I decided to turn them over and interpret this as two different paths to choose between out of optimism and good faith. Also must mention that I’ve come to a point where I fully accept how I feel but I’m pacing myself trying to not get my hopes up. Even tho I do have high hopes, I’m having low expectations and feeling rather nervous and apprehensive. I feel like I have this already in my head that it can’t possibly work out, I don’t deserve his love, etc.etc. And part of me feels like that’s why they came out upside down to show me- if you stop being so negative, you might be able to see the other side of things!

Let’s get started…..

PAST: I pulled out both Queen & King of Swords at the same time… Let’s say I’m queen and he’s king.

Queen – * Divine meaning: quit-wittedness, perceptive; history of leaving when the going gets tough, even though it breaks my heart (I struggle to cope with certain things, especially if I perceive I might get hurt, so I walk away crying). * Reverse meaning: narrow-mindedness, prudishness, ill tempered (I was always picking out his flaws and only seeing things from my perspective)

King – * Divine meaning: active, determined, experienced, controlled, professional, analytical, complex ideas and thoughts (he’s a highly structured, intelligent, multi-faceted man who has a unique mind that’s more than what meets the eye) * Reverse meaning: selfishness, sadism, (he is, however, a passionate Leo with a dark side – I love it, though lol – I’m a Taurus but my ascendant progressed Leo when I was 2 y/0).

PRESENT: VIII (8) of Swords

  • Divine meaning: Conflict, turmoil, criticism, bad news, domination (I think him and I are having deeper discussions and finding more about each other that we need to challenge ourselves to overcome and accept; I think we’re both afraid of conflict / getting hurt)
  • Reverse meaning: difficulty, hard work, anxiety, accident, fatality (idk Y but a few hours before I pulled these cards I literally thought to myself: we’re going to be together, but he’s going to get hurt or die early at work – he works in a high-risk profession)

FUTURE: Ace of Swords

  • divine meaning: determination, initiative, strength, activity, excessiveness, power, success, fertility, prosperity, deep emotional feeling, love, conquest (We have so much potential to build, grow, become stronger as one made up of two individually successful and full people)
  • reverse meaning: debacle, disaster, self-destruction, violent temper, embarrassment, obstacle, infertility (although there is potential, we have individual struggles to overcome: he has certain insecurities about his looks which I can tell through subconscious gestures; I have shown a history of self-destruction and anger, leading to embarrassment and disaster)

ADDITIONAL: IX (9) of Cups

Note: after the past/present/future spread, I asked the deck to tell me which path I should take; divine or reverse? See this effort through, or let it all go? I basically asked the question of: why did these cards come out upside down (reverse) if deep down I truly want this to work?

Of course I pulled this card up-side down as well.

  • Divine meaning: success, material attainment, advantage, well-being, abundance, good health, difficulties surmounted (this is what I want, what I’m finally able to admit, which would take more patience, open-mindedness, optimism)
  • Reverse meaning: mistakes, material loss, imperfections, misplaced trust, opposition, differences (this is what I fear; repeating past mistakes; being pessimistic and mourning a loss before it’s gone)


I know in my heart that this is a man who belongs in my life. Idk for how long or in what capacity but we’re meant to learn something from each other. Through all the trials and errors, we’ve always found our way back to each other and become stronger. I didn’t realize that at first, but our conflicts were caused by my insecurities. I’ve changed a lot since we last spoke and I’ve overcome a lot of that or at least become aware. I think he’s willing to be patient with me but I have to show him I’m ready to see things from his perspective. I think if I let go of the fear, I can reach our divine purpose. But if I keep repeating the same mistakes, being overly critical, running away because I’m scared, etc. i’ll never learn my lesson and reach the full potential. That’s why I feel like he’s my twin flame, because there’s no telling what path we will take unless we’re both able to overcome the obstacles. There are definitely some things about me that he struggles with (I can be stubborn, closed minded, critical, dramatic). Twin flames aren’t always meant to stay together forever though but when they meet it’s supposed to be intense which I feel crazy passionate for him but also comfortable and familiar like there’s a sense of belonging looking back in his eyes to mine.

I want to see where this goes but what do you think? Worth the chance? Cut my losses? Dive headfirst into shark infested waters? Back off and nurse my wounds? Follow my heart? Or follow my head?

Would love some advice. Please and thank you.

Review of deck- This is my first deck of tarot cards But I know it’s one of the old classics and I’m glad I have it. It’s a untouched for years and I finally started readings recently and I really enjoy it

Thanks everyone!

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