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My boyfriend of three years broke up with me last month and has since been trying to contact me. I love him and miss him and this period has been incredibly difficult. Tonight I did a celtic cross reading (using my Marseille deck). I would really appreciate other's perspectives because I don't know what to make of this. Thank you so much.

Situation: knight of swords

Obstacle: 9 of swords

Root: 8 of cups reversed

Present: 6 of pentacles

Past: queen of wands reversed

My power: 7 of swords reversed

Environment: 8 of pentacles

Hopes/fears: wheel of fortune reversed

Outcome: lovers

My interpretation is that the breakup was caused by fears of intimacy and a lack of trust, which were established in the past. I believe that the "advice" is to drop pretensions and to communicate feelings and needs directly. The immediate future will not give clarity or reconciliation but the final outcome alludes to a possible choice or a revival of the relationship.

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