Please help me write a short story with the help of tarot

A young boy living in a seaside town sees his parents welcoming a drifter into their home for a week. The young boy is intrigued by the enigmatic guest who's a poet on Monday, astronomer on Tuesday, a clockmaker on Wednesday…He suspects him having an affair with her elder sister only to discover a shocking revelation.

When I asked what is that shocking revelation/secret, I got the High Priestess which is kind of funny as the High Priestess is the card of secrets. But I don't know how it can relate to the story. Like if the Empress would've come up, I would think that has something to do with the child's mother. If a Page/Knight would've come up, I would think it has to do with the sister.

Also I kept hearing the word Ace of Cups.

Can anyone please help me out?

If it helps, the genre of the story I'm planning is literary fiction+ surrealism/magical realism.

Thank You.

Here is the card I got:

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