Popculture Characters as Court Cards

Hello everyone!

I (and probably some of you too) have sometimes problems with reading the court cards. So I watch people talk about them and read books about court cards to better understand what they mean.

I came across the book "Your Tarot Court" by Ethony Dawn and she had a whole chapter of popculture characters representing court cards. I really love the idea, because it gives the courts kind of a "face" and makes them more relatable. Thinking of someone, their character traits and so on when facing a court card really helps me a ton.

So I went through some books, shows, movies etc. to assign my favourite characer their court card. I realized that I don't have many characters in the pentacles suit and if I found one they're mostly more sidecharacters.

So here's my question(s) for you:

Did you do the same thing? If so, share some of your favourites!

Anything stand out for you? Lots of one court card or few of another?

Any Character you might not be sure of but want input on?

So Please share, I am very interested in your findings!

My Favourite is probably Spock as the King of Swords – Logic above everything (Though in his later years he becomes more of a King of Cups for me!)

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