positive present cards when situation seems negative?

recently i’ve been pulling cards for love in a past, present, future spread. i have a specific person in mind when i’m doing so and i have recently pulled so many cards that are viewed as “positive” (9 of cups, the universe, the star) for the present placement. the past has also always been in the swords suit or the devil card (which frankly seems accurate and seems to be what i’m currently going through despite the present cards saying otherwise). the future cards have been a little scrambled too but i am not too worried about that at the moment (not necessarily negative or positive in relation to love). is it possible my mind is clouded or the cards are messing with me? because i feel like my love life with said person has been very hot and cold with me being what seems to be led on and me continuing to let it happen. i am very confused what this could mean or what to do, am i interpreting these cards wrong or asking the wrong questions?

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