Potentially pregnant and advice?

I have pcos and have struggled with not having a consistent period. Lately I've been on a new medication and with that felt like I had successfully ovulated. It's too early for me to test so I've done some tarot.

When I asked if I would become pregnant in the near future I pulled 9 of cups. I asked a few days later (after noticing what could be spotting) if I'm pregnant now and pulled the tower. And then asked how I should be dealing with a currently difficult time in a friendship and got the empress.

From my limited understanding I have felt like the cards have said I am pregnant. I feel like the 9 of cups could symbolize the 9 months, the tower can symbolize a big shake up that I will experience with it, and the empress means I should focus on motherhood. That this situation with my friend shouldn't be my focus.

If you have any insight or disagree with my interpretation please let me know.

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